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Insurance & Rates


I can currently accept Highmark and UPMC insurance plans, as well as some Aetna plans.  

Co-pays and deductibles are the responsibility of the insured and are due at the time services are rendered.

A note regarding insurance:

Due to the on-going changes in the healthcare and insurance industries, please contact your insurance provider directly to determine whether I am one of their contracted providers, as well as what your financial responsibility (copay or deductible) for services will be. 

If you are an Aetna client, please ask specifically about whether your mental health plan is a "carve-out." 


Unfortunately, my services are not covered by Medicare or Medicaid plans at this time, even if those plans are offered by companies with which I am contracted. This means that I cannot accept any Medicaid or Medicare plans, including Gateway Health Plan, UPMC for You, and UPMC for Life.

Please visit the web sites for these plans to find in-network providers. 


Some people choose to forgo the insurance companies altogether. Those choosing not to use health insurance may be able to receive reimbursement through Out-of-Network benefits, or by using a Flexible Spending or Health Savings Account. Please contact your insurance carrier, FSA, or HSA provider for more information about your benefits.


Unsure of what to ask? Here are the key items to ask about when speaking with your insurance provider:

1. Do I have out of network mental health benefits?

2. If yes — What’s my deductible and how much of it has been met?

3. If yes – What’s my copay or what percentage of the counselor’s fee is covered by my plan?

I can provide a statement of your payments if you choose to self-pay for services, and you can submit the statement to your insurance company.

As an extensively trained, licensed therapist, my goal is to help you feel better and to have the healthy, happy relationships you deserve!  Self-pay counseling sessions are priced as follows, in alignment with the level of experience and expertise offered:

Therapy fees:

Initial Evaluation (55-60 mins) - $150

Individual Therapy 55-60 mins- $125

Extended (not reimbursed by insurance), 90mins- $185

Acceptable forms of payment include check, cash and all major credit and debit cards, which can be stored through the client portal. All payments are due at the time of service.

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